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Coffee Bean of the Month (August) – Guadeloupe Bonifieur

Guadeloupe_BonifieurGuadeloupe Bonifieur is a variety of the Arabica bean type grown in Guadeloupe. This type of coffee bean is said to be the ancestor of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Guadeloupe Bonifieur is a very rare coffee bean type and grown only in Guadeloupe which has a very long tradition of growing coffee. The country is now rediscovering this ecotourism.

Guadeloupe Bonifieur’s history is what makes it so exclusive. Gabriel du Clieu took the saplings from the Jardin des Plantes in 1723 for an expedition to the colonies. On this trip, only one sapling survived and it was sent to Guadeloupe where it was cultivated. It was first taken in the Blue Mountain district in Jamaica in 1730.

Its name “Bonifieur” is from a French word which means to improve or to make better. It therefore represents an element, or ingredient that improves when mixed to something else. It was used before to improve lower quality blends  which ultimately earned it its name. Bonifieur coffee, with its refined and mellow nature, balances out the worst bean and creates an agreeable cup by its sole presence in any blend.

Guadeloupe Bonifieur is green, long, and slightly thick bean, covered by a pellicule of whitish silvery color, which separates from the bean in the roast. It has excellent cup qualities.

Guadeloupe Bonifieur is a strain of the Typica de Coffea Arabica known as le Bourbon Pointu. It originated from the Java offered to Louis XIV and bred in the Jardin des Plantes. The modern day coffee plants are descended from this line, which gives them a strong patrimony specificity and value.

The fresh air, high altitude, and abundance of rain create ideal conditions for growing this Arabica variety. The variety is called Guadeloupe Bonifieur because of its high quality and great taste, and because, in the past, it was used to enhance lower quality blends. Connoisseurs consider it one of the best coffees in the world, even though it is only available from a few distributors.


Guadeloupe Bonifieur is a variety of the Arabica bean type grown in Guadeloupe.

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  1. Glad to hear about Jamaican coffee bean. Is that possible to build Jamaican coffee beans plant in India..?

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